TECH BELFAST ADVOCATES’ membership is open to anyone, and the group has no joining or membership fees, but advocates must introduce themselves.

To join the group, complete the form below – describing your background in the tech sector.  Once you have been confirmed as a member, you will officially become an Advocate.

This will entitle you to access the network of existing Advocates, attend Tech Belfast Advocates events and participate in Working Groups through TECH LONDON ADVOCATES.   You will also have an official listing on the TECH BELFAST ADVOCATES website.

There is no time commitment or minimum engagement required to being an Advocate; you can participate in and engage with the group as much or as little as you like. There are however three asks of each Advocate, irrespective of their level of engagement:

  • To be ‘on message’ about the tech sector in Belfast, London and the rest of the UK (our sister network – TECH LONDON ADVOCATES – provides messaging on its website )
  • When ready, help expand the TBA network by introducing an Advocate
  • Adopt the ethos of helping one another for the ‘greater good’ as a means of establishing a strong and vibrant technology sector

We look forward to welcoming you.